Saturday, 14 April 2012

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Google can only tell if your site is good or not and worth a high ranking if other people tell GOOGLE they like your site. Backlinks are like Popularity votes in GOOGLE'S Eyes.

The More You Have The Higher You Go

Google determines the most popular sites not only by how many links but by the quality of those links. Every website has a PR Score.

PR is how Google judges quality of a link. PR3 is average and anything PR5 and above means GREATNESS. Remember technically Google is a Robot it has to assign formulas.

So what I do for you is just plain common sense, I go out and get PR5, 6 and 7 backlinks. When Google see's this it says " Holy Cow people i gave a high PR score to all think this other site is great. I better think its great too, after all people voted for it."

This Is Plain Common Sense

There's a story of a guy who gets paid to come to work on this guys fancy engine. He gets paid a Hundred Thousand Dollars to come and fix the engine. No one else has been able to fix it.

The guy walks up and pulls out his hammer and makes one hard bang on a special spot on the engine and the engine is repaired.

Everyone Roars with applause.

The owner gets pissed off and demands a bill of sale claiming that he got ripped off because the job was too easy and he paid too much for it.

The hero engine fixer sits down and writes on a piece of paper

Hammer: $25.00
Knowing where to Hit: $99,975.00

Thats exactly why you need to pay me for backlinks because I know exactly where to get the best ones. I have researched this process for months.

If you tried to go and buy 1 backlink on a PR6 or PR7 site you'd have to pay at least £50-$150 for just ONE LINK, I know some blogs that charge $80month for having just one link on thier site.

Today im only charging $297 one time and i'll get you 297 high quality Links.

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